Texas Counties Deliver

April 28, 2020

On Monday April 27, the Governor had a news conference and another executive order # GA 18, in order to start opening up our economy in a safe way.  I wanted to post a web site address for you to look at, and possibly gain information to protect you and your family and friends and neighbors. Please look at and read this information at https://dshs.texas.gov/coronavirus/ .

This site provides much information that will help us prevent the spread of the virus as we safely re-open the State of Texas.

There are some relaxed standards for a rural county like ours with less than five confirmed cases. As long as we meet the criteria, on the effective date of May 1, 2020, we can permit our restaurants and retail business to open at 50% capacity instead of 25% capacity allowed by the executive order, if we all abide by the other conditions recommended by the Governor.  I want to give you some more files to read if they affect you:

1.      Checklist for Churches

2.      Checklist for Restaurant Customers

3.      Checklist for Restaurants

4.     Checklist for Retail Customers

5.     Checklist for Retailers

6.      Checklist for all employees

7.      Checklist for all Individuals

8.      Steps to open Texas Businesses

9.      Special Guidance for Texans over 65 Years Old

If you need any of these informative documents for you, your family, friends, or neighbors, please email my office to jbarron@yoakumcounty.org or tjones@yoakumcounty.org

We will reply with the document attached.

I still encourage each of you to continue observing the directives of the President and Governor, keeping the social distance of six feet or more, avoid large gatherings in excess of ten, and practicing good hygiene. I also would continue to recommend wearing a face covering when you are in close proximity with others. It is very important for the protection of our families, our friends, and citizens. These combined efforts are working!

Let’s continue to be diligent in our efforts!

If I have any important updates on our situation, I will post to this site.

Again, lets each one continue to be aware of our situation and the needs of others, be kind to each other, support and protect our families, our employees, and our community.

Wishing the best to you and all your family,

Jim Barron

AUSTIN — statement from Texas Secretary of State Nandita Berry.

“Following action by the U.S. Supreme Court, photo ID will be required at the polls this election. Texans will need to bring one of seven legislatively approved forms of photo ID if voting in person, just as they have in the last three statewide elections.”

To cast a ballot in person, registered voters need to present one of the following approved forms of photo ID:
  • Texas Driver License – issued by the Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS)
  • Texas Personal Identification Card – issued by DPS
  • Texas Concealed Handgun License – issued by DPS
  • United States Military Identification card containing the person’s photograph
  • United States Citizenship Certificate containing the person’s photograph
  • United States Passport – issued by the U.S. government
  • Election Identification Certificate – issued free by DPS

With the exception of the U.S. citizenship certificate, the photo ID must be current or expired no more than 60 days.

For more information about voting in Texas, visit VoteTexas.gov, your official voting resource.